Primary Care Network Opportunities in Mission

Seeking qualified Family Physicians, Nurse Practitioners and Allied Health Professionals for Primary Care Networks in Mission, British Columbia, Canada.

The PCN utilizes a team-based care model (Registered Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, Family Practitioners, Specialists, etc.) that provides wider and quicker access to services for your patients, provides an extensive network and sense of community, and allows flexibility in your practice to ensure quality patient care.

Primary Care Network Benefits:


  • processes to ensure all people in Mission have access to quality primary care and are attached within a PCN;

  • provision of extended hours of care, including early mornings, evenings and weekends;

  • provision of same-day access for urgently needed care through the PCN or an urgent primary care centre;

  • provision of comprehensive primary-care services through networking of primary-care providers and teams, to include maternity, inpatient, residential, mild/moderate mental health and substance use, and preventative care;

  • co-ordination of care with diagnostic services, hospital care, specialty care and specialized community services for all patients and with particular emphasis on those with mental-health and substance-use conditions, those with complex medical conditions and/or frailty and surgical services provided in Mission;

Opportunities available to Mission Physicians:


  • Integrated Physician influence on health care delivery and policy
  • Access to supports from motivated Division staff for:
    •     Practice Management
    •     Education
    •     Networking
    •     Facilitate community for you and the family
  • Involvement with:
    •    Medical Staff Association
    •    Residential Care Teams
    •    Emergency Room
    •    Hospitalist Opportunities
  • Improved patient access to primary care

“For me, it was the variety of types of medicine that I could do & the ability to do them all together in one place.”

Dr. Rahul Manocha

“I came out to Mission and I fell in love with it. I really love the mountains and the outdoors.”

Dr. Carol Pomeroy

Surrounded by incredible beauty, the City of Mission is nestled on a southern coastal mountain slope, overlooking the lush valley of the Fraser River. This rapidly growing and dynamic center is home to nearly 45,000 residents. Ideally situated, Mission is just a 15 minute drive from the US border, and approximately 70 kilometers easy of the City of Vancouver.

Overlooking the lush valley of the mighty Fraser River, Mission (1892) was originally inhabited by the Stó:lô First Nations people. Surrounded by incredible mountainous vistas in a natural forest setting, our climate is warm in the summer and mild/wet in the winter. Mission enjoys an immense variation of hillsides and gullies which mountain natural neighbourhood enclosures, spectacular views, and a sense of permanence.

With its unique and colourful history, Mission is the site of Canada’s first train robbery, first rail link to the United States, and a great escape from the City. The municipality has an open and welcoming attitude to its citizens, business, news residents, investors, and visitors alike.

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Mission Recruitment Package

Health Match BC is a free recruitment service for healthcare professionals funded by the Government of British Columbia, Canada. We have been working with the provincial Health Authorities for over twenty years and have facilitated the recruitment of thousands of health professionals to British Columbia.

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  • Provide you with information about BC, our communities and the health care facilities themselves.
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