Primary Care Network Opportunities in Fraser Northwest

Seeking qualified Family Physicians, Nurse Practitioners and Allied Health Professionals for Primary Care Networks in the Fraser Northwest region of British Columbia, Canada.

The Fraser Northwest encompasses New Westminster, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Port Moody, Belcarra, and Anmore. With over 53 family practices and 2 hospitals within Fraser Northwest’s geographic region, there is nothing short of opportunities in the Fraser Northwest to suit your ideal practice with the PCN. There are 15 family practices in New Westminster, 25 in Coquitlam, 9 in Port Coquitlam, and 4 in Port Moody. There are over 450 Members and the Division team to provide mentorship and support.

The PCN utilizes a team-based care model (Registered Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, Family Practitioners, Specialists, etc.) that provides wider and quicker access to services for your patients, provides an extensive network and sense of community, and allows flexibility in your practice to ensure quality patient care.

Be part of a PCN Community that has family practice opportunities that involves:


  • providing full service family medicine including items such as health screening and promotion, prevention, treatment of minor or episodic illness, chronic disease, reproductive care, mental health and substance abuse, terminal illnesses, and rehabilitation;
  • performing clinical administration services;
  • coordinating patient care;
  • providing timely access for patients;
  • the opportunity to also practice in your area of interest such as Long-Term Care, Maternity, and the Shared Care program: Psychiatric;
  • the opportunity to participate in numerous working groups and committees to drive change;
  • continuous evaluation & improvement;
  • work in collaboration with your colleagues while having autonomy.

PCN positions will discover a patient-centred approach where teamwork is at the core and where the ability to collaborate with colleagues is leveraged to provide quality care. With support in everyday practice by both the Division and others practicing alongside you, PCN positions can focus on what they know and love best, the patient and providing medical care.

There are over 450 Members that participate in a variety of diverse programs and initiatives by the Division such as website development, recruitment assistance, recruitment brochures, EMR training, and a vetted MOA pool for hiring to ensure the focus is where it should be. There are also numerous working groups and committees to participate in and improve how you practice; examples include the Recruitment, Retention, & Retirement Committee, the Shared Care Initiative such as Chronic Pain, and the PCN Steering Committee. Members also have the continuous opportunity to provide feedback and share the challenges they face which allows the Division to better address the barriers. In addition, there is also the ability to complement your practice with your special interests with opportunities in Long-Term Care, the Shared Care Program: Psychiatric, and Maternity.

In New Westminster, enjoy the historic downtown, scenic parks, a vast waterfront and boardwalk, shopping centres, and unique boutiques. There is also a Farmer’s Market, a River Market, museums, and festivals that are unique to the area.

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In Coquitlam, find shopping, sporting events, live performances, and an abundance of parks and trails. Coquitlam is expected to continue to grow and become the downtown hotspot for the Tri-Cities.

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In Port Coquitlam, enjoy nature with the numerous parks and trails while being next to all the amenities you need. There is also a theatre, outdoor pools, recreation centres, and a museum.

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In Port Moody, Belcarra, and Anmore, there are quaint shops, locally brewed beers, beaches, parks, trails to enjoy all within close proximity to all that you need. All within 30 minutes of Vancouver, New Westminster and the Tri-Cities have the small-town feel but meet the big city needs.

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