Family Physician Primary Care

Bring your clinical expertise and passion for providing quality, compassionate care to a challenging and rewarding role as a Family Physician/General Practitioner for a Primary Care Network (PCN) in British Columbia, Canada!

Primary Care Networks

lead change in a great opportunity

There is a need for patient attachment in British Columbia and with Family Physicians in high demand, there is now an opportunity for supported practice in a new model of team based care. Health Match BC wants to assist you in becoming part of a cohesive, multidisciplinary team supported by other health care professionals, who each lends their own expertise in the provision of patient-centered care. While comprehensive patient care is the focus, the competitive contracts provide income security and include annual overheads costs, to ensure you are supported in maintaining a healthy work-life balance while being able to do what you love – practice medicine.

Inspire, mentor, and learn from others

Provide the best quality care to your patients

Join a supportive team

One of the key strengths of the PCN is that it brings all primary care providers and organizations together. Together, BC’s health authorities, divisions of family practice, First Nations and government (along with many others) have created the Primary Care Network co-governance structure for collaborative planning in the community. In communities where a PCN was implemented, the network was able to quickly mobilize during the COVID 19 pandemic to ensure both COVID testing/screening/assessment and essential primary care services were implemented.

Licensing and Registration

Physicians must be eligible for licensure with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia (CPSBC or the College) The College is the licensing body and regulator for family/general practitioners in BC. Health Match BC’s dedicated Consultants work in close partnership with the College to walk you through the licensure process and assist you in finding the perfect community practice.

Learn more about Health Match BC

Health Match BC is a free recruitment service for healthcare professionals funded by the Government of British Columbia, Canada. We have been working with the provincial Health Authorities for over twenty years and have facilitated the recruitment of thousands of health professionals to British Columbia.

Register online and our recruitment consultants will:

  • Guide and support you through the professional credentialing/licensing process.
  • Provide you with information about BC, our communities and the health care facilities themselves.
  • Work with you to determine where you want to focus your search efforts. You can be as specific as naming a particular facility or as broad as targeting multiple regions in the Province and we will match your skills and interests to job vacancies in regions or facilities of your choice.
  • Connect you with prospective employers, sometimes before positions are even posted and when the time comes, we are here to support you in making a seamless transition to your new job.
  • Provide you with information and guidance on the immigration process if you need it and connect you to the personal and professional support you will need from the initial stages of expressing interest through your first days on the job.